This is our 2018 Calender we try to keep to it  but things happen and when they do dates change. For example the champion of champion's league does not have enough names down to start it, but when it does we will start and  play catch up until we are back on schedule.


Our PGA is on schedule and running ok thanks to Happyman123uk you can see the tables under the PGA link and how it works


Our No quitters here please cup is due to start in may where every club members name is picked from a hat and play a tournament and the  winners name goes back into hat and we draw again.


Inbetween all these we run our strokeplay league which is 12 game of 18 holes under different conditions at a rate of 2 games per week.


We also run the CTTH at the same rate 2 games per week and the tier league which is 1 game a week


Every Sunday we have a live Matchplay tournament but you have to have teamspeak for this.


More info on the above can be found under the relevant tabs

Please note this is not set in stone things happen and things change but we will finish all comps within the year





Some time in november december we will fit a christmas tournament into the schedule

2019 Calendar